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Colin Twomey, Haishan Wu

Colin Twomey, Haishan Wu (Princeton Ecology and Evolutionary Biology). What does a fish see when it schools with others?  In this video, the visual field (in one dimension) is approximated for one individual in a school. The field of view of the left eye is colored red, and the right blue.  The areas of overlap are colored purple.  The video illustrates the fact that a fish can see far more than a few nearest neighbors, as is often assumed in simple models of collective motion, and moreover that the number of observable neighbors is highly variable over time.  The number of other individuals a fish sees depends on the global state of the group, and the individual’s position in the school.  How much of this sensory information is relevant for an individual’s behavior remains an open question and the focus of our current research. Scale: The body length of the fish in this video is ~6-7cm. + (More) on the Princeton University Art of Science competition:

The « Fukahori Goldfish »

ICN proudly presents Goldfish Salvation 2 by Riusuke Fukahori, an artist internationally acclaimed for his 2012 video on his creative process. This is his second solo exhibition in the UK. The « Fukahori Goldfish » is a painting yet it grasps the ephemeral beauty of the goldfish captured in a flat plane of resin, and is vibrant and almost three-dimensional. « I think of gold fish as a living sculpture with man-made modifications. It never reaches the completed form, the goldfish vulnerability and imperfections brings out our motherly instinct. I’ve been bewitched with the strong energy of the life of goldfish, which has inherited mutation for more than 1500 years, continuously changing forms by man’s hands. I’ve been depicting thousands of goldfish in my works, but the mysterious pull towards goldfish will never die to me. The impulse of exploration, « What are goldfish » drives me to create more. Where and how they want to swim, and what they think; these are the questions that I’ve been asking myself when I paint goldfish. I believe this process will help breathe life into the goldfish in my works. » Website ICN: